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800 private meetings available at TC3 Summit

10/17/2018 Sunnyvale

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October 17, 2018
Duration: 2 Days
Sunnyvale, CA
Juniper Aspiration Dome
95 Participants

TC3 Matchmaker

"Easily the most efficient and informative "one on one meeting" Matchmaker format ever experienced in decades of attending similar events."  Mark Brady / Managing Partner, Clarke Belt 2.0 – TC3 2017

The TC3 Matchmaker Service facilitates 10-minute business meetings between our TC3 Summit attendees.  Participants who add the MatchMaker Service to their TC3 Summit registration may schedule meetings during our extended breaks, taking connections beyond the serendipitous, and focused on moving business goals forward.

9/24 - MatchMaker opens for profile updates

10/2 - Meeting scheduling starts

TC3 Matchmaker schedules 800 meetings over 7 hours of facilitated networking to put TC3 to work for you.

MatchMaker Registration

Matchmaker participants must be registered to attend TC3 Summit.  If you are not yet registered for the telecom industry’s premier event for buyers and sellers of innovation, you may register here.

"Particular kudos to the MatchMaker software ... You’re the only conference I’ve been to who has figured out how to do this effectively, and it makes a HUGE difference in the time spent before the conference, planning meetings." —Christina Claure / Emerging Business Manager, Sprint – TC3 2017

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MatchMaker Sessions

TC3 Summit

This 2-day annual executive summit focuses on the innovation activities and priorities of global telecom carriers and vendors and connects them with ideas, startups, investors, R&D groups, and innovation. This year’s highlights include:

  • Case Studies, Product Intros & Roadmaps across ComTech, IoT, Service Providers & Autotech
  • 30 new technology exhibits
  • 800 pre-arranged MatchMaker meetings
  • Over 7 hours of facilitated networking
  • SPIFFY Awards Ceremony and cocktail
  • All TC3 participants leave with multiple opportunities

Full Agenda and Attendees available on our website.

Matchmaker participants must be registered to attend TC3 Summit and have upgraded their registration to include the MatchMaker.

Participants (71)

Telecom Council of Silicon Valley
Coastside Partners
Spectrum Effect
BlackRidge Technology
Charter Communications
Support Robotics
Telesoft Technologies
British Consulate

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